Free Pro Perks!

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Free Pro Perks!

Post  Exotickiller on Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:04 pm

Pro Perks in Combat Training
Two People
3,000 Cod Points to Upgrade to the Pro Version

1. Get your Pro Perk Challenges in Combat training.(DO NOT BUY PRO PERK IN COMBAT TRAINING)
2. Click "X" to Upgrade.
3. You should see a screen come up with "Confirm Purchase"
"Buy and Equip"
"Cancel Purchase"
4. Tell your friend to switch lobby back to "Player Match"
Once he has switch the lobby. Click "Buy and Equip"
And there you go. You have your Pro Perk in Player Match without doing the challenge
in Player Match.
NOTE:Let's say you have Ghost Pro(you got your pro from CT not PM) for your first class in "Player Match." and you switch it to another regular perk. You will not have Ghost Pro anymore and you will have to do the glitch again.

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